Dan Harmon and Jason Sudeikis Prank Called Chevy Chase as Joe Biden Last Night

Community creator Dan Harmon’s whirlwind tour across America with his live show Harmontown is in progress, and at a show in Brooklyn last night, Harmon and guest Jason Sudeikis prank called Chevy Chase, who, like Harmon recently parted ways with the NBC sitcom that brought them together. Harmon had invited Chase to appear at the Harmontown show, explaining to the audience, “I texted him, ‘I’m doing my show in Brooklyn tomorrow night; are you in New York?’ and three hours later, he texted back the word country.” Dan Harmon then proceeded to call Chevy Chase on speakerphone, holding his phone up to the mic. When Chase didn’t answer, Jason Sudeikis left a message as Vice President Joe Biden, Hey, Chevy, it’s Joe Biden. I just want to say we thank you for being a great patriot, and have fun in the country. We hope the country you always want to go back to is America.”

After Sudeikis hung up, Harmon concluded, “It’s a pretty low-stakes prank. We’re not exactly the Jerky Boys.” He and Sudeikis then ran through the flaws of the prank, mainly that Sudeikis doesn’t sound anything like Joe Biden and Chevy Chase has caller ID. Despite the unsuccessful prank call, let’s hope Harmon continues to ruin Chevy Chase’s trip to the country by calling him every night as his Harmontown tour barrels forward.

Dan Harmon and Jason Sudeikis Prank Called Chevy Chase […]