Fox Orders Seth MacFarlane’s New Live Action Show ‘Dads’ Straight to Series

While the big networks are cautiously buying pilot episodes of all the new series they’re interested in for fall 2013, Fox has jumped the gun and ordered Seth MacFarlane’s new show, Dads, straight to series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Fox greenlit a six-episode first season of Dads, which was co-created by MacFarlane and his Ted co-writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, yesterday. Dads is a multi-camera sitcom about two guys whose lives are turned upside-down when their fuck-up dads come to live with them. So, it’s basically Adam Sandler’s That’s My Boy times two. Dads is the second TV show to be ordered straight to series for the fall before a pilot is even filmed after NBC picked up 22 episodes of Michael J. Fox’s new sitcom sight unseen in August. You can’t blame Fox for trusting Seth MacFarlane at this point after he has three long-running shows on the network and wrote/produced/directed/starred in the biggest hit comedy of last year, Ted. I’m actually surprised Fox made MacFarlane write a script for the show before committing to putting it on the air and isn’t just throwing bags of money at him so he’ll keep making stuff people like for them.

Fox Orders Seth MacFarlane’s New Live Action Show […]