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How Much Sex Was Everyone Having on Friends?

Photo: NBC

How many sexual partners did each main character on Friends have? It’s a question that has plagued humanity for ages, but no one was brave or determined enough to sift through the 236 episodes and keep score. No one until now! Redditor larry_b claims to have undertaken just such an endeavor. We already knew that 85 such partners were on-air characters, but this breakdown includes all mentions of sexual encounters, not just the onscreen ones. The grand total: around 138. (Per this study, 1 = confirmed parter, and .5 = possible/alluded to partner. Yes, this adds in its own level of vagueness.)

Chandler: 10.5 sex partners
Ross: 14 sex partners
Monica: 14.5 sex partners
Rachel: 15.5 sex partners
Phoebe: 32.5 sex partners
Joey: 51.5 sex partners

Sorry, Gunther.

How Much Sex Was Everyone Having on Friends?