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Happy Fifteenth Anniversary, Friends’ Trivia Episode

Photo: Warner Bros

Fifteen years ago today, Friends aired the twelfth episode of its fourth season, “The One With the Embryos.” Or, as you might remember it, the one with the trivia game. A favorite if ever there was one.

Of all the Friends lines and phrases that have lodged themselves in the collective pop consciousness, “Miss Chanandaler Bong” is the best. (“One Yemen Road … Yemen” ranks pretty high, too.) “Transpondster” is the perfect blanket term for any job you only marginally understand or care about, and animals dressed as people really are horrible. Dangerous Liaisons shouldn’t be anyone’s favorite movie.

There are more romantic episodes of the show and more surprising episodes, but “Embryos” is the quintessential episode. It’s Friends at its Friends-iest.

Happy 15th Anniversary, Friends’ Trivia Episode