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Now That Private Practice Is Over, Addison Should Go Back to Grey’s Anatomy

Photo: Ron Tom/ABC

Private Practice was never as good as Grey’s Anatomy. The spinoff ended for good last night, with the requisite weddings and pregnancies and book deals for everyone — it really was a fitting send-off for the schmaltzy, hyperemotional soap. But the end of Practice shouldn’t be the end of the character Addison Montgomery. She needs to return to Grey’s, where she started.

Addison should have gone back earlier this season, when her ex-boyfriend Mark died. But now Grey’s needs her more than ever! First, Seattle Grace appears not to have an obstetrician, and surely the crunchy people of the Pacific Northwest still have their fair share of problematic pregnancies and deliveries. Think of all the gestation story lines the show is not currently tackling just because no one is an OB/GYN. Get on this baby train!

More important, though, Addison is fun. Even when tragedy befell her at every turn on PP (seriously, that show could have been called Your Weekly Weepotorium of Tragio-insanity), she was still sort of sassy and bright and interesting. This season of Grey’s has been mostly a downer, thanks in part to a whole bunch of people dying at the beginning of the season and also the shocking lack of interesting romances. The one bright spot is Callie and Bailey’s relationship: They joke, they tease each other, they offer sage love advice to one another, now that they’re both on their second marriages. Remember when Addison was part of that clique? It was the best. That was back in the day when Callie was talking about the “lines of deliciousness” that radiate from turkeys in cartoons. Back when Grey’s was sometimes funny.

Addison could even bring her new husband, Jake (Benjamin Bratt). Right now, Grey’s is in a dude crisis. Karev is the exact same boring brute he’s always been. Derek isn’t as hunky now that he’s not forbidden. Owen is too sad. Avery’s mom is more interesting than he is. Ross is a nonentity. It’s hard to remember, but there was a time when Grey’s was kinda sexy and big on romance. It would be nice to get some of that back.

Why Grey’s Anatomy Needs Addison Back