Here Is Single-Again Selena Gomez Covering ‘Cry Me a River’

Back in November, not two days after the first Justin Bieber–Selena Gomez breakup was announced, young Bieber took to the stage and, in a very unsubtle tribute to his ex, performed the greatest pop-star-kiss-off song of this millennium. Then Bieber and Selena got back together (at The Four Seasons), had that weird crotch-pant security-gate standoff outside Selena’s house, went skiing with Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, and promptly broke up again. So, right on cue, here is Selena’s screw-you cover of “Cry Me a River” — which she performed over the weekend, along with a version of BFF Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” and some comments about how she’s “been through a lot” the last couple of months. Raise your hand if you are looking forward to the Spring Breakers press tour.

Here Is Selena Gomez Covering ‘Cry Me a River’