30 rock

Get Put in Your Place With the Jack Donaghy Insult Generator

30 Rock’s final episode is upon us. There’s so much we’ll miss about the show, from Jenna’s odd pronunciation of camera to all of the great moments in eye-rolling. But one of the show’s staples doesn’t have to leave us. Instead, it can live forever, preserved right here for you: Jack Donaghy’s magical insults. With each click, you can be put in your own middle-class — or even under-class! — place, with a shabby wardrobe and little hope for professional advancement, over and over again. Good God, Lemon, we’re gonna miss this.

Jack Donaghy Insult Generator

You look terrible, and I once watched you eat oysters while you had a cold.
"I Heart Connecticut," Season 5, Episode 19
Hit me again!
The Jack Donaghy Insult Generator