Jason Schwartzman and ‘Parks and Rec’ Co-Creator Michael Schur Worked on a Secret Movie Together

Rushmore and Bored to Death star Jason Schwartzman gave a nice little interview to Vulture this week, and when discussing his upcoming guest spot on an episode of Parks and Recreation, he had this to say about the show’s co-creator Michael Schur:

I met him a long time ago before the show. We were trying to collaborate on something together, but it didn’t end up happening. It was a movie — I can’t tell you more. Maybe one day it can happen.

Schwartzman makes it sound so mysterious, but a collaboration between these two guys would be pretty spectacular. Hopefully, they get to return to the project someday, whatever it is. Any guesses?

Jason Schwartzman and ‘Parks and Rec’ Co-Creator […]