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Jessica Rabbit Versus Emma Stone in Gangster Squad: Kind of Alike!

Jessica Rabbit and Emma Stone: So alike.

If you take a look at this poster for Gangster Squad — and can train your eyes on anything other than Sean Penn’s enormous gun — you’ll notice Emma Stone there in the bottom right. She’s giving her best Jolie Leg, it’s true. But the sexy woman she really reminds us of is Jessica Rabbit. Think about it: They’re both visions in red, and they both star in L.A. crime movies that take place in the forties. Uncanny! Wondering what else these two sirens have in common, Vulture set about making a list ahead of this Friday’s release of the film. The results are mostly lusty (we’re dealing with redheads) but also totally fun (we’re dealing with redheads). 

Jessica Rabbit

Emma Stone
Let's discuss her dress. It's red and sexy, with a slit up the leg. It's red and sexy, with a slit up the leg.
Let's discuss her hair. It's red and sexy, with a part to the side. It's red and sexy, with a part to the side.
Let's discuss her lips. They're red and sexy. They're red and sexy.
Are her eyes red, too? No, those are green. No, those are green.
Who is her love interest? A wanted rabbit named Roger Rabbit. A wanted gangster named Mickey Mouse Cohen.
Does she seduce someone in law enforcement? Yes, Detective Valiant. He wears a fedora and talks with a Brooklyn accent. Yes. Sgt. Jerry Wooters (played by Ryan Gosling). He wears a fedora and talks with a Ryan Gosling accent. (Also, he may be the one seducing her, which would make total sense. See: Crazy Stupid Love.)
Are they ever at a bar together? Yes. She does a sexy song-and-dance number. Yes. One can only hope she does a sexy song-and-dance number—and that it ends in The Lift.
Let's discuss her body. She has very large breasts. She has breasts.
What about her voice? It belongs to Kathleen Turner, so it's smoky. It belongs to Emma Stone, so it's smoky.
Wait a minute: Jessica Rabbit's a cartoon! That's right, Captain Obvious ... But Emma Stone is super animated.
Jessica Rabbit Versus Emma Stone: Alike!