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Jimmy Kimmel Will Be Tweeting From Julie Bowen’s Account Today

Last night on Live, Jimmy Kimmel got back at Julie Bowen for her ongoing taunts pointed at his walking “workout.” Walking is “good for you, but it’s not really a sport.” (Agreed.) And so Jimmy challenged the routine runner to a race around the theater and made it even juicier with a bet: the winner tweets from the loser’s account. The aforementioned spoiler granted, but the underdog here seriously whooped Julie’s butt. “I liked chunky Jimmy!” Plus: J.Lo weighed in on the Beyoncé lip sync scandal at the Presidential inauguration — “When you’re in certain stadiums … they do pre-record things because you’re going to have that terrible slap-back.” Oh, right, the slap-back. And she continued, “All performers do [lip-sync] at some point.” Also, Emmy Rossum encountered a mountain lion by her pool during her meal of spaghetti and meatballs; and Dana Carvey serenaded Jay Leno with a song about the tightened late-night rivalry. But it’s all good for Leno because “His motto is ‘Tell joke. (and in a squeaky Leno voice) You gotta get a check, you gotta get a check.’” Ooh, burn. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Jimmy Kimmel to Tweet As Julie Bowen Today