Jimmy Kimmel’s Matt Damon Episode Beats Leno and Letterman and Earns a Primetime Encore

Last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, which brought a longstanding joke feud between between Kimmel and Matt Damon to a head by having Damon hijack the show and host it himself, scored Kimmel’s best audience in its new 11:35 timeslot yet. The show earned a 2.92 rating overall and a 1.23 rating with Adults 18-49, handily beating Leno (0.76) by 62% and Letterman (0.56) by 120%. The episode was such a big hit that ABC has opted to re-air it in primetime on Tuesday night at 10pm, replacing a rerun of some show called Body of Proof. The extra special episode of Kimmel featured Matt Damon welcoming big-name guests like Robin Williams, Andy Garcia, Sheryl Crow, Ben Affleck, Nicole Kidman, and more, while Jimmy Kimmel sits bound and gagged in the background. You can watch it here. Hopefully, this big funny stunt episode inspires Jay Leno to try doing something funny with his show, just for a change of pace.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Matt Damon Episode Beats Leno and […]