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A Brief History of Justin Timberlake’s Suit-and-Tie Sh*t

Late Sunday night, Justin Timberlake’s very confusing countdown clock expired, and a new song — his first single in six excruciating years — was unleashed upon the world. “Suit and Tie” has a Jay-Z verse, some very festive marimba production, and the lyrics “I be on my suit-and-tie shit,” which, historically speaking, is a very accurate Justin Timberlake statement. Dude has worn some spectacular suit-and-tie ensembles in his day. So in honor of JT’s new song (and because the title more or less taunted us into doing so), here is a look back at JT’s suit-and-tie shit.

Justin Timberlake’s Suit-and-Tie Sh*t: A History