‘Kiss You’ Video: One Direction Sailor-Suit Alert

A few months back, the boys of One Direction did a photo shoot in matching pastel sweaters while holding a bunch of puppies. It was almost evil in its calculated cuteness — what teen girl can be expected to resist Harry Styles in a pink sweater holding a small animal? (What adult pop star, for that matter?) The “Kiss You” video adopts an equally sinister strategy: How can any living adolescent deny the charm of five endearingly goofy British guys doing a jailhouse-rock conga line? You cannot; what awaits below is professional-grade, sickly sweet adorableness, to be consumed only in small doses (like GIFs, which this video seems designed for). We should warn you that the boys wear ski sweaters at one point. And sailor suits. There might be some surfing? Every One Direction vacation dream you ever had is about to come true, basically. Cherish it.

‘Kiss You’ Video: One Direction in Sailor Suits