LA Stand-up Show ‘Holy Fuck’ Is Recording a Live Album with TJ Miller, Kyle Kinane, Eric Andre, and More

The popular, excellent Los Angeles stand-up show Holy Fuck just celebrated its third anniversary last year, and now they’re releasing a live album that’ll give non-L.A. residents a sense of what the show is. Over the next month, Holy Fuck will be recording four live shows entirely composed of comedians doing five minutes of their best material, with 42 comedians including Dana Gould, TJ Miller, Natasha Leggero, Kyle Kinane, and Eric Andre set to be recorded. The performances will then be edited into a 2 or 3-CD set released by Rooftop Comedy. Visit Holy Fuck’s Tumblr for info on attending one of these amazing-sounding shows. Other influential stand-up showcases like Comedy Death-Ray and Invite Them Up have received the CD treatment in the past, and it’s about time it happens for Holy Fuck. Just don’t expect it to be sold at Wal-Mart with a filthy name like that.

LA Stand-up Show ‘Holy Fuck’ Is Recording a Live Album […]