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Leap Day William, Lizzing, Mind Grapes, and More: An Updated 30 Rock Glossary

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30 ROCK – “Leap Day” Episode 609 – Pictured: (l-r) Jack McBrayer as Kenneth Parcell, Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy – Photo by: (Ali Goldstein/NBC) Photo: Ali Goldstein/2012 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

Do you speak 30 Rock? Can you use “mind grapes” in a sentence? Over seven seasons, Tina Fey & Co. have introduced dozens of new phrases into the lexicons of obsessive sitcom viewers: As “yada yada yada” was to the nineties, “blerg” is to the 21st century. As the show draws to a close, we’ve returned to our 2010 glossary of the many phrases, terms, products, and holidays coined on 30 Rock and added a few. Surely there are more, so please weigh in with anything we’ve missed.

Adultaraisin: Tracy’s Ben & Jerry’s flavor

Awes: helpful shorthand for those who don’t have time to say the whole word awesome

Bitch Hunter: According to Pete, “The only reason that NBC picked up The Girlie Show is because of the flack they got from women’s groups after airing the action-drama Bitch Hunter.”

The Black Crusaders: group of powerful and influential African-Americans who are trying to put a stop to Tracy’s career

Black Frasier: BET’s reworking of Frasier, which Toofer wrote for before moving on to TGS

Blerg: expression of frustration or defeat; derived from the name of a difficult-to-assemble Ikea product

Bottoms-Up Day: annual event at NBC in which the senior VPs do the work of the lowest-level employees for a full day

The bubble: the world in which beautiful people live where they are protected from all criticism and all of life’s unpleasantries and never get a true sense of their actual limitations

By the Hammer of Thor!: exclamation; alternative to “goddamn it,” “confound it all,” or “by the beard of Zeus”

The C-word: stands for “Cranky Sue,” the worst name you can call a woman

Cheesy Blasters: the No. 1 selling food in America outside of New York City. Its jingle describes its ingredients: “You take a hot dog, stuff it with some jack cheese, fold it in a pizza, you got Cheesy Blasters.” (also see: Meatcat)

The Cleve: Cleveland, Ohio, the most perfect city in America

Dealbreaker: flaws in a romantic partner that cannot be overlooked

EGOT: the combination of winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony; the highest peak an actor can attain

Fun Cooker: (1) a portable microwave named by Kenneth, originally called the biteNUKER. (2) Tracy Jordan’s slang for his ass

Gangway for the footcycle!: a British alert to look out for an approaching bicycle

Goregasm: The Legend of Dongslayer: first successful melding of video games and pornography

Greenzo: NBC’s short-lived environmental mascot

Hill-people milk: alcohol, as often given to children in the hills of Georgia

Horseville: pun; home for naysayers

“I want to go to there”: an expression of yearning for a feeling, place, or situation

Jack: to vomit after being overcome with joy

Jackie Jormp-Jomp: NBC/Universal’s unlicensed Janis Joplin biopic starring Jenna

Jagweed: douchebag

Japanese porn star diet: weight-loss technique used by Jenna, in which you can only eat paper, but you can eat all the paper you want

KDate: singles’ section of the Kraft Foods website, of which Liz is a member

Los Amantes Clandestinos: popular Spanish-language soap opera featuring the evil character “the Generalissimo,” who bears a remarkable resemblance to Jack; watched religiously by Alisa’s grandmother

Leap Day William: The yellow-and-blue-wearing symbol of Leap Day festivities. Trade your tears for candy!

Lemon: to self-sabotage

Lizzing: laughing and urinating (or “whizzing”) at the same time, especially during moments of overpowering joy or hilarity

Ludachristmas: TGS writers’ annual Christmas party

Meatcat: the Cheesy Blasters mascot who flies away on a skateboard at the end of the Cheesy Blasters advertisement

Menendez: act of snapping and killing one’s father, as in “pulling a”

MILF Island: One of NBC’s most successful reality shows, and Jack’s brainchild

Mind grapes: brain matter, to be squeezed for ideas

“Muffin Top”: single by Jenna that soared to the top of the charts in Israel and reached No. 4 in Belgium

Musings: name of Tracy’s Ebony magazine column

Myirt!: synonym for “damn it”

Nerds!: expression of resignation

Page-off: a battle to settle the most serious of Page disagreements

Party Town, USA: something celebratory that is off the hook

People’s Gaypublic of Drugafornia: San Francisco, California

The Rural Juror: difficult-to-pronounce independent movie based on a novel by Kevin Grisham (John’s brother), starring Jenna

Sabor de Soledad: Mexican bargain cheese puffs that can cause false positives in pregnancy tests

Sandwich Day: the greatest day of the year, when the TGS teamsters get sandwiches for the rest of the cast and crew from their super-secret sandwich store

Scrumped: to have been the victim of a scam

Shark farts: expression of frustration or defeat

Sharking: pulling down a woman’s tube top while your friend videotapes it for posterity

Shut it down: expression meant to halt something foolish

Silver panther: the most handsome animal, as per Jack

Singles fart repression: Liz’s term for wine and cheese tastings

Sun tea: Frank’s jarred urine

Super Computer: a failed NBC series from 1975

Throwing wine: Wine specifically reserved for Real Housewives types to hurl at one another

Thoughtsicles: ideas

Tracy Jordan’s filmography: includes Black Caveman, Black Cop White Cop, A Blaffair to Rememblack, Cruise Boat, Death Bank, Fat Bitch, Honky Grandma Be Trippin’, President Homeboy, Samurai I-Am-Awry, Sherlock Homie, Who Dat Ninja

The Tracy Jordan Meat Machine: unsafe GE cooking product endorsed by Tracy

Twig and Plums: Princeton secret society, of which Jack was a member

Twist!: act of throwing a situation or person for a loop

Urban Fervor: the sequel to Rural Juror

Vondruke: Franco-Dutch slur used by Sue, meaning “bitch”

“Werewolf Bar Mitvzvah”: Tracy’s gold record about a land where boys become men and men become wolves

What the what: TV-friendly version of “what the fuck”

Whuck: truncated version of “what the fuck”

Wordplay!: exclamation used to underline a pun

Ya burnt!: expression used to connote victory in an encounter; similar to “in your face”

Leap Day William and Lizzing: A 30 Rock Glossary