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Life Is But a Dream Trailer: Beyoncé Is a Human, Too

Truth time: Beyoncé is to human as pizza is to foodstuff — the platonic ideal, the highest accomplishment, the example that we give to our children when we promise them that anything is possible. Beyoncé walks alone, which is why we have all agreed to watch and obsess over a self-directed HBO documentary — now titled Life Is But a Dream — about her day-to-day existence. But perfect people have bad days, too, or so this newest trailer would have you believe. They get scared! They have doubts. They are sometimes obligated to wear spangly, ziplock-tight dresses and don’t know how to conceal their baby bumps. Come, let us all bear witness to the “battle of [Beyoncé’s] life” (with bonus Blue Ivy ultrasound shots. Don’t blink).

Life Is But a Dream Trailer: Beyoncé Is Human