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Meryl Streep’s Daughter Didn’t Get Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘I Beat Meryl’ Joke, Either

Actress Mamie Gummer attends the
Mamie Gummer. Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

So few people actually got Jennifer Lawrence’s “I beat Meryl” joke at the Golden Globes that she had to explain it on Letterman. Really — it wasn’t just Lindsay Lohan who was confused! In fact, Mamie Gummer, Streep’s daughter, told us at the opening of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof last night that the reference went over her head, too. “I thought she was just being cute,” she said. “I also didn’t realize that Jodie Foster was quoting Molly Shannon with that ‘I’m 50, I’m 50, I’m 50’ thing. There was a lot that was sort of lost on me.” Since JLaw’s funny seemed lost on everyone, let’s take a look at its origin once and for all, in this poor-quality clip from First Wives Club.

Streep’s Daughter Didn’t Get JLaw’s Meryl Joke