Meet Your New ‘Best Week Ever’ Cast

On January 18th, VH1 is reviving Best Week Ever, its series in which comedians recap and riff on the week’s pop culture happenings. The original show ran from 2004 to 2009, giving a national audience to funny people like Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, Pete Holmes, Paul F. Tompkins, Nick Kroll, Doug Benson, and more, at earlier points in their careers. The new incarnation of Best Week Ever will feature an entirely-new cast (with appearances from old favorites sprinkled in), and VH1 has just announced the new cast. It’s an eclectic cast of talented stand-ups, including Michelle Buteau, Michael Che, Pat Dixon, Jared Logan, Pete Lee, Amanda Seales, Dan St. Germain, Nick Turner, and Ali Wong. Hit the jump for super short videos of each cast member introducing themselves. See if you can figure out who will be the next Judah Friedlander! That way you can brag to your friends about how you saw x on Best Week Ever promos back in 2013 and just *knew* they would be the next Friendlander:

Michelle Buteau

Michael Che

Pat Dixon

Jared Logan

Amanda Seales

Dan St. Germain

Nick Turner

Ali Wong

Meet Your New ‘Best Week Ever’ Cast