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Watch a Deleted Scene From the Late, Great Men of a Certain Age

It only ended a year and a half ago, but Men of a Certain Age feels like it’s from another time. Remember those halcyon days of 2011? Or the first season back in 2010? Sigh. The good old days, when profound yet humorous middle-aged despair wasn’t just for Louie. The second season of Men came out on DVD yesterday, so you can relive all the gorgeously humane moments the show seemed to traffic in. One of the show’s strengths was that every episode could be called “the one where one of the guys makes a mistake” — Joe (Ray Romano) with his gambling addiction, Owen (Andre Braugher) with his fraught relationship with his father, Terry (Scott Bakula) with his womanizing. Flaws! Boy, this show sure loved its flaws. Its flaw-cup so runneth over that there were flaw-scenes left on the cutting-room floor, including this one of Joe ignoring his anxiety-plagued son to go place a bet.

Watch a Deleted Scene From Men of a Certain Age