Paul Rudd Explains His Golden Globes Telemprompter Mishap

One of the more memorable moments form Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards was Paul Rudd and Salma Hayek standing onstage speechless after their teleprompter  unexpectedly crapped out on them while they were presenting the award for Best TV Drama. They had just presented another TV award prior to that, and as Rudd explains to Vulture, he didn’t know he was still on TV at first:

“We didn’t know, I didn’t know they were doing two [categories] — we never had rehearsal. And they didn’t tell us, so we were just standing there, and I honestly thought they went to commercial! [Laughs.] I mean, there was nothing on [the teleprompter]! And then I realized in the middle of that, Oh! We’re on TV! And then I just started laughing. It was funny. Thankfully, thankfully, only 20 million people were watching… It just went off, and I didn’t know what we were supposed to do. And all of a sudden, they’re just going through the thing. Oh, okay.”

Hit the jump to watch the awkward moment for yourself:

Paul Rudd Explains His Golden Globes Telemprompter […]