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Steven Spielberg Knows Lincoln’s Rotten Tomatoes Score

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg speaks onstage at the 2012 New York Film Critics Circle Awards at Crimson on January 7, 2013 in New York City.
Steven Spielberg. Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

At last night’s New York Film Critics Circle Awards, we asked Steven Spielberg if he reads reviews of his own movies. “Yes. Yes, I do,” he told us. “It was really easy with Lincoln. All the reviews were informed, intelligent, in-depth, and 91 percent of them — I guess, according to Rotten Tomatoes — made me very happy.” That’s right: He checks Rotten Tomatoes just like the rest of us! He does not, however, write thank-you notes, or notes of any kind, to his critics. “I never send notes,” he said. “I don’t communicate — because they have their job and I have my job, and there doesn’t need to be any answering them. I appreciate what critics do … I didn’t read reviews earlier in my career, but I read them now as I’m older. I read them all.” No pressure, David Edelstein!

Even Steven Spielberg Checks Rotten Tomatoes