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Inside Llewyn Davis Trailer: The Coen Brothers’ Folk-Music Movie Sure Is a Folk-Music Movie

The trailer for the Coen Brothers’ new film, Inside Llewyn Davis, really has it all: folk music, Justin Timberlake, Adam Driver in a cowboy hat, Carey Mulligan with bangs, John Goodman with bangs, and a cat marveling at her own reflection. Set in the sixties Greenwich Village folk scene, Oscar Isaac plays Llewyn Davis, a folk singer who travels around the country in a corduroy blazer with his guitar case in hand — you know, like a folk singer. Mulligan plays his love interest with a very sixties understanding of how condoms work. Watch the trailer below, if only for Goodman’s short bangs. (And check out our behind the scenes pictures from the production here.)

Watch the Trailer for the New Coen Brothers Film