This Week in Comedy: ‘Ben and Kate’ and ‘Don’t Trust the B’ Canceled, Damon Hosts Kimmel, and a ‘Bored to Death’ Movie

- Fox pulled Ben and Kate from its schedule and ABC pulled Don’t Trust the B, meaning they’re both pretty much canceled, which is a shame ‘cause they’re good shows

- Matt Damon took revenge on Jimmy Kimmel by tying him up and hosting his show in front of him.

- A Bored to Death movie for HBO is officially happening.

- Pilot season kicked into high gear and the networks ordered up a bunch of pilots.

- We interviewed the Workaholics guysSNL writer and New Yorker cartoonist Zach KaninNewsreaders star Mather Zickel, and the duo behind the web video “Fleetwood Mac Men.”

- Key & Peele director Peter Atencio wrote a nice piece about fighting with Comedy Central to keep his show free of audience laughter.

- Comedy Central is making a pilot out of Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani’s excellent L.A. stand-up show The Meltdown.

- Lena Dunham went on Alec Baldwin’s podcast and other cool podcast stuff happened.

- We looked back on the Peter Boyle talking police dog sitcom Poochinskiall of Jack Black’s lost projectsChristine Ebersole’s short stint on SNL, and The Andy Kaufman Special.

- The early ‘80s ABC sketch show Fridays, starring Larry David and Michael Richards, is finally coming to DVD.

- Somebody is trying to make Girls into a reality show.

And here are your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

Funny or Die - “The Screaming Pool”

UCB Comedy - “Facebook Focus Group”

Yahoo! Sketchy - “Birth Control on the Bottom”

Puddin’ - “Autograph”

TWIRI Sports - “Chris Rock: Eddie and Me”

This Week in Comedy: ‘Ben and Kate’ and ‘Don’t Trust […]