30 rock finale

Watch a Supercut Detailing the Insane Backstory of 30 Rock’s Kenneth the Page

Kenneth Ellen Parcell, played by Jack McBrayer, is 30 Rock’s preternaturally sunny page turned janitor and lover of “everybody and television.” He’s the man who put Stone Mountain, Georgia, on the map, and now he’s been appointed by Jack Donaghy as the next president of NBC. Someone fetch this man a bottle of Hill People Milk! If you’ve been watching 30 Rock for the past seven seasons, you might have picked up a few tidbits of this lovable-yet-naïve character’s past: from his real name (Dick Whitman) to the origin of his donkey spells and all of his awkward stories about his mom’s friend Ron. To celebrate the series finale of 30 Rock (airing Thursday night), we’ve put together a video tribute of sorts to Kenneth’s absurd backstory, as told by Kenneth himself.

Video: 30 Rock’s Kenneth Has a Crazy Backstory