suck it nerds!

Watch a Supercut of Exasperated Liz Lemon’s Best ‘Blergs,’ ‘Nerds,’ and ‘Jags’

Liz Lemon could have a glossary assigned to her unique lingo. Over 30 Rock’s seven seasons, the terms “blerg,” “nerds,” “jagweed,” and “by the hammer of Thor” have made cursing without cursing a little more fun again. And it’s not just these Lemon-isms — Liz’s noises of frustration often perfectly express what some four-letter words can’t. Watch our supercut to say good-bye to Liz Lemon and her one-of-a-kind vocabulary, nerds!

Video: Liz Lemon’s ‘Blergs,’ ‘Nerds,’ and ‘Jags’