Watch a Creepy Trailer for Warren Ellis’s New Book, Gun Machine

Acclaimed British author and comic-book artist Warren Ellis (whose graphic novel Red was the source of the 2010 Bruce Willis film) recently released his second novel, Gun Machine. It tells the story of a New York City detective who stumbles upon a cache of guns, and each one of which leads to a different unsolved murder. However, the detective soon realizes the devil is somehow behind all of this. This summer, Fox bought the rights to develop the book into a TV series, and Ellis commissioned Brooklyn photographer/filmmaker Siege (a.k.a. Clayton Cubitt, who shot Die Antwoord for New York Magazine) to make a moody trailer for the book. It’s an eerie mix of Chinatown, ominous woods, and the back of a guy whose front you probably don’t want to see.


See a Creepy Trailer for Warren Ellis’s New Book