Watch an Exclusive Clip of the ‘Rich Dicks’ From Nick Kroll’s Kroll Show

While Nick Kroll might be best known for his guest spots on shows like Community and Parks and Recreation and for playing Ruxin on The League, those familiar with his stand-up and multiple appearances on podcasts like “Comedy Bang! Bang!”  know the man has an impressive arsenal of ridiculous, hilarious characters. That’s where Kroll Show comes in. Premiering on Comedy Central on January 16 at 10:30 p.m., the sketch show will feature all of his best-known characters: Bobby Bottleservice, Fabrice Fabrice, the “Oh hello” guys, and of course El Chupacabra. This clip is of the sketch “Rich Dicks” and comes from the February 27 episode. Starring Kroll and comedian Jon Daly as Aspen and Wendy, two dicks who are rich, it answers the questions: Does Aspen have a little bit of good inside of him? And where is the worst place to get your Vicodin?

Watch an Exclusive Clip From the Kroll Show