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At Any Price Trailer: Zac Efron Gets Outta His Farm and Into His Car

If you’ve always assumed that the only thing to do in the Midwest is race cars and farm, well, At Any Price is here to reaffirm your suspicions. In it, Dennis Quaid plays Henry Whipple (they better address how “Whipple” is a funny name), a very successful family farmer. Zac Efron plays Dean Whipple, his son who doesn’t want to get into the family business; no, he wants to sing and dance drive race cars. Tensions rise, Matt Saracen’s mom gets cuckolded, Heather Graham shows up to cougar Efron, and a gun is shot. The film was directed by Ramin Bahrani (Chop Shop) and hits theaters on April 26. Hopefully there’s a happy ending, where they split the difference and Efron agrees to race tractors.

Watch Efron Drive in the At Any Price Trailer