Watch Matt Damon Get His Revenge by Taking Over ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Last night was supposed to be Matt Damon’s first official guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live after Kimmel has made it a tradition to bump him from the show as a joke at the end of every episode. Instead, Matt Damon took his revenge. He kidnapped Jimmy Kimmel King of Comedy-style and hosted the show himself, renaming it Jimmy Kimmel Sucks with Kimmel bound and gagged behind him in the background the whole hour. Damon replaced Kimmel’s bandleader with Sheryl Crow, his sidekick Guillermo with Andy Garcia, and had Robin Williams do his monologue for him, in addition roping in guest appearances from a whole slew of big names like Nicole Kidman, Gary Oldman, Amy Adams, Reese Witherspoon, Demi Moore, and Kimmel’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Silverman. It’s a really funny and clever stunt episode, and elaborate themed shows like this should happen more in late night. Jimmy Kimmel Live just moved from midnight to 11:35, competing directly with Leno and Letterman for the first time, but if he has more episodes like this one in store for us, he should be beating those other hosts in the ratings in no time.

Hit the jump for the entire rest of the episode:

Watch Matt Damon Get His Revenge by Taking Over ‘Jimmy […]