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Olympus Has Fallen Trailer: Gerard Butler Is America’s Only Hope

In honor of President Obama’s first full day of his second term, we have the trailer for Olympus Has Fallen, a movie where the POTUS is kidnapped by terrorists. Jeez, they haven’t even cleaned up all the confetti yet and now we have to be all worried. Or maybe we shouldn’t be, as the President (Aaron Eckhart) has a former secret service agent (Gerard Butler) to surf a big wave coach his son to a soccer victory save the day. Also, Morgan Freeman plays the Speaker of the House/interim president, so the country will be fine if also during all of this there’s a meteor coming toward Earth. This madness was directed by Antoine Fuqua and hits theaters on March 22. Hopefully it does well, so we can get Olympus Has Fallen 2: Olympus Has Fallen and He Can’t Get Up.

Watch the Olympus Has Fallen Trailer