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Where Did Everyone Leave Off on Girls?


Previously on Girls: everything! Lena Dunham, et al., return to HBO on Sunday — perhaps you’ve heard something about that — so in the spirit of helpfulness, we put together this brief refresher. Where were the Girls characters when we last saw them?

Hannah: Hannah surprised herself by casually rejecting Adam’s overtures to move in and instead asking gay ex-boyfriend Elijah to be her roommate. Then she fell asleep on the subway and woke up, without her purse but with some leftover wedding cake, at Coney Island.

Marnie: She’s crashing with Shoshanna, after her blowup with Hannah, and in a post-Charlie funk, she drunkenly hooked up with the goofy officiant (Bobby Moynihan) at Jessa’s wedding.

Jessa: Married! She married Chris O’Dowd’s Thomas John, who for some reason does not have O’Dowd’s Irish accent.

Shoshanna: After accidentally doing crack — and even worse, wearing white to Jessa’s wedding — Shosh found herself the object of Ray’s odd affections. And Ray found himself as Shosh’s first. Awww.

Adam: [Bam.] Adam got hit by a van while having a shouting match with Hannah.

Ray: Last we saw, he was in bed with Shoshanna.

Charlie: He “joked” around with Marnie about ha-ha maybe ha-ha banging in the bathroom at Jessa’s wedding and then looked crestfallen when he spotted her making out with another guy. Sorry, Charlie.

Where Did Everyone Leave Off on Girls?