ABC Will Burn Off the Rest of the ‘Happy Endings’ Season on Fridays

ABC has been moving Happy Endings around the schedule a lot this season, and it looks like the show’s troubles are far from over. First, the network put the critically-acclaimed comedy on in a very competitive Tuesday night slot before trying it out on Sunday and then pulling it from both slots. Now, the network has announced it will begin airing the show in back-to-back installments Friday nights at 8pm beginning March 29th. It’s a bummer for Happy Endings and its fans, as this is typically referred to in TV as the “Friday night death slot” and is a sure sign of cancellation, but maybe what night a show airs doesn’t matter so much in the DVR/Hulu era? Happy Endings’ companion show Don’t Trust the B was cancelled last month, but hopefully this show won’t meet the same fate. Happy Endings still has 10 of its 23 episodes this season remaining, which you’ll be able to watch Friday nights starting next month - unless ABC moves it around the schedule a bunch of times again.

ABC Will Burn Off the Rest of the ‘Happy Endings’ […]