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Last Night on Late Night: Al Pacino Gave Quirky Advice to Jessica Chastain

Last night on The Tonight Show, Jessica Chastain recounted the time Al Pacino offered her some of his long-cultivated wisdom. To set the scene: Chastain, starving actress that she’d been, was simultaneously chatting with her “acting godfather” and hoarding free food from the craft service spread when Pacino perked up with “Jessica, I got a piece of advice for you.” Subsequently, Chastain squealed a silent OMG!  — “Here it comes, the best advice from the greatest living actor!” His words? “Never eat anything from the craft service table.” Plus: William H. Macy might have ruined George Clooney’s party reputation — he only acts like he’s taking shots. Also, Russell Brand somehow swayed Katharine McPhee into sitting on his lap; and Melissa McCarthy and Jimmy Kimmel performed a funny sketch on identity theft. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Al Pacino’s Quirky Advice to Jessica Chastain