‘Anchorman 2’ Will Take Place in New York and Other Minor Details from Adam McKay

Plot details are scarce about the new Anchorman movie, which starts filming next week in Atlanta, but writer/director Adam McKay shared some more tidbits with Empire, revealing that part of the action will be taking place in New York. “San Diego is too close to Ron’s heart to go away, but we feel that New York City is the holy grail for all newsmen,” explained McKay. The director also discussed Kristen Wiig’s character, who is the love interest of Steve Carell’s dimwit weatherman Brick Tamland. “Brick’s so far gone that you can’t have a relationship with him,” continued McKay. “It takes a special someone to get a rope snare around his heart. She is dangerous!”

So, here’s pretty much everything we know about Anchorman 2:

  • It takes place in the late ‘70s in New York and San Diego.
  • The plot will involve Burgundy and company dealing with the rise of cable TV and 24 hour news channels and once again battling diversity, in the form of Latino and African-American journalists.
  • Their will be a big musical number and another news brawl. There will also be a custody battle and some sort of involvement from the ‘70s game show Bowling for Dollars. Plus, Ron Burgundy will be betrayed by Veronica Corningstone.
  • The only known new cast members at this time are Kristen Wiig as Brick Tamland’s dangerous love interest and James Marsden as a rival newsman, but McKay wants to hire “a murderer’s row of the best day players ever” to fill out the supporting cast.
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