Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock Performed Together Again Last Night - With Kevin Hart and Others This Time

Yesterday, we reported that Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock had done stand-up together live on stage at New York’s famous Comedy Cellar late the previous night. It turns out the duo went onstage together again last night too. Hannibal Buress started off the evening, followed by Chappelle, then by Kevin Hart. After that, Chappelle, Rock, Hart, Marlon Wayans, and Bill Bellamy took to the stage together for some joking around and riffing. Here’s ?uestlove, who was also present, describing the event on his Instagram:

I once sat in on drums with Prince on bass, Sheila E on percussion, Frank Mcomb on keys, Rachelle Ferrell on vocals doing Stevie Wonder’s catalogue (who incidentally was also sitting in….with Joni Mitchell & Selma Hayek as our audience) and I *think* I might have felt as high as I did tonight. I was working on the other side of the world when suddenly I got a “get yo arse down here NOW!!!!!” text. Sure enough I made it just in time to see the best night ever at the comedy cellar: Hannibal was on 1st, then Chapelle did an amazing off the top bit about what life will be like in a South African jail with prosthetic legs…and the pope quitting his career too. & then the floodgates opened: Hart riffed on Spilling drinks on Hov then everyone got in a cipher doing a mini roast/dozens/lovefest about each other. It was honest to god like watching the comic version of “scenario” or “the symphony” jokes and punchlines were flying fast. Stories of way back when was told. And I had the best seat in the house (Dave told me to play piano….but I took the bench just to get a good view) amazing night watching #themaster5

Chris Rock has been talking for a couple years now about wanting to tour with Dave Chappelle and these recent performances have added a lot of hype and discussion to said tour, but maybe they’ll just end up going onstage together at the Comedy Cellar every night from now on instead of traveling the country in a bus or something.

Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock Performed Together Again […]