David Cross Says ‘Arrested Development’s New Season Will ‘Redefine What Television Can Be’

Arrested Development’s David Cross sure had a lot of nice stuff to say about the upcoming fourth season of Arrested Development , which drops its 14 episodes all at once on Netflix in May, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter out today:

“I think when it’s over, they’re gonna be aching. Particularly, this last, fourth season, what Mitch [Hurwitz] did and how he’s able to tell the story through the Netflix model – I think it’s going to redefine what television can be and stories can be and how they’re presented. And I really think it’s gonna be historical in a sense; that we’re gonna look back on it in 10, 20, 30 years, and it will be a very important thing that Mitch and Netflix have done.”

So, there you have it. Your high expectations of the new Arrested Development season are now sky high.

David Cross Says ‘Arrested Development’s New Season […]