Learn Every Oscar Acceptance Speech Stat Imaginable

Did you ever want to know the percentage of female Oscar winners who thank their moms (31 percent) or male winners who thank their dads (23 percent)? Have you wondered who is the most-thanked, non-God of all time? (It’s Harvey Weinstein, with twelve thanks.) Well, Georgia Tech grad student Rebecca Rolfe can answer those questions and so, so, so, so, so much more. As a way of studying how people express gratitude, she has studied every Best Actor/Actress, Supporting Actress/Actor, and Director Oscar acceptance speech and broke them down into how people behave. Her site, beyond listing a ton of fun facts (like that 47 percent of women clutch the statue, where only 21 percent of men do), allows you to easily sort through who did what and thanked whom in their speech. A step further, on the site, you can pick the speech components you’d use and it will build a speech for you and tell you what speeches it’s most similar to. Seriously, it’s a great way to kill all the hours until the Oscars.

Every Oscar Acceptance Speech Stat Imaginable