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John Goodman and Jeffrey Tambor Each Join Amazon Pilots

Photo: Getty Images

Like Netflix, Amazon is looking to get into scripted, original programming in a big way. And that means casting legit actors like John Goodman and Jeffrey Tambor. Goodman will be starring in Alpha House, a show about four U.S. senators who rent a house together in Washington, D.C., playing a larger-than-life senator from North Carolina. Deadline reports that Tambor will star in The Onion Presents: The News, a comedy about the behind-the-scenes of the Onion News Network. (Think The Newsroom but intentionally funny.) He’ll play the network’s most respected anchor, who will stop at nothing to keep his job. Tambor chose this pilot over the network offers he was receiving. He must’ve enjoyed working on Arrested Development for Netflix. This Internet thing has a real future.

Goodman and Tambor Each Join Amazon Pilots