Help ‘The Chris Gethard Show’ Climb iTunes’ Podcast Charts

Last week, comedian Chris Gethard told his fans that if they helped his public access program The Chris Gethard Show become the #1 video comedy podcast on iTunes, he’d host this week’s show while doing algebra, listening to “Gangnam Style” on a loop, and being slapped in the face - all with an ice pack down his pants. Gethard’s fans achieved that goal in a single day, causing him to up the ante. Gethard has now promised that if the show becomes the #1 overall video podcast, on top of all that other stuff, he’ll do the show with his face painted (without looking at how his face is painted before going on air), while eating deviled eggs he makes himself (without a recipe/deviled egg-making knowhow), and wearing the most humiliating shirt an audience member brings him.

In the three days since Gethard made that promise, The Chris Gethard Show has climbed to climbed to #2 on the comedy podcast chart and #5 on the video podcast chart (as of this writing) after a fun feud with (defeated) rival podcast host Pete Holmes. Head over to Gethard Show’s iTunes page to subscribe and rate the show so you can be a part of this lunacy.

Help ‘The Chris Gethard Show’ Climb iTunes’ Podcast […]