IFC Films Acquires Michael Cera’s South American Psychedelic Drug Movie ‘Crystal Fairy’

IFC Films announced this week that the company has bought the North American rights to Crystal Fairy, an independent comedy shot in Chile that stars Michael Cera. The movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last month and drew mostly positive reviews. Directed by Chilean filmmaker Sebastián Silva, Crystal Fairy stars Cera as a 20something American traveling through Chile with his group of friends whose journey finds them meeting an eccentric woman named Crystal Fairy (played by Gaby Hoffmann) and experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs in the desert. This is Michael Cera’s first starring role in a movie since 2010’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. He’ll next be seen on the new season of Arrested Development, which is set to premiere on Netflix this May and probably won’t feature a South American psychedelic drug odyssey but that’s just a guess. There’s no predicting that show.

IFC Films Acquires Michael Cera’s South American […]