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Jake Johnson on Nick Miller’s Craziest Moves — in GIF Form

As New Girl’s Nick Miller, Jake Johnson is the master of the awkard movement. Whether moonwalking, finger-gunning, or going in for a wide-eyed kiss, he does something truly hypnotically weird that makes us want to watch it on an endless loop. So we called him up with an idea: We would turn our ten favorite Nick Miller moves — his greatest hits — into GIFs and have him explain what was going through his head when he was doing them. (An Inside the Spaz’s Studio, if you will.) He agreed, even though he believed we might be mocking him: He gently protested, “It’s humiliating. Me, looking like a damn buffoon next to Dennis Farina, that’s what you refer to as one of my greatest hits?” We tried to interject that they were Nick Miller’s hits, but he mock-angrily continued on. “There was a time in my life where I thought I was a serious actor. I had potential. Now we’re talking about the fact that I’m humping Dennis Farina’s hip with my face. I’m dancing terribly, screaming like a girl through a haunted house, being cradled by a shady Asian dude … ” (In reality, he was good-natured about the whole thing, saying, “I read all the nice things [fans of the show] say and it makes me feel good when I’m dancing in a diaper next to a grown man. Quite literally, I’m at a point where I read a review and it’s really positive, and the next day at work, when they’re like, “Hey Jake, I need you to drink the bottle and go, ‘I’m a baby, waaaah!’ I say as long as people like it, I’m happy to do it.”) And so, here are Nick Miller’s Craziest Moves, complete with Johnson’s color commentary.

Jake Johnson on Nick Miller’s Craziest Moves