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See Jason Bateman’s Four Go-To Comedy Moves in GIF Form

We’re happy that we’ll be seeing a lot of Jason Bateman this year: He produced and stars in Identity Thief (opening tomorrow); a new Arrested Development season will finally air in May; and he’s got an eighties TV comedy, a grown-up spelling-bee movie, and a murder-mystery comedy in the works. Which means we can look forward to deadpan laughs aplenty in coming years, as well as many iterations of his four go-to comedy moves. Practice these GIFed moments at home and you’ll be able to go as Jason Bateman next Halloween: All you need is a couple of eyebrows, a finger to point with, and a very slow burn.

The “I Know What You’re Thinking” Wink:

The “Are You Kidding Me?” Eyebrows:

The “Listen to Me, I Am the Most Serious Guy in This Comedy” Finger Point:

The “I Can’t Even Respond” Open-Mouth Stare:

Jason Bateman’s Four Go-To Moves in GIF Form