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Joan Rivers to Anne Hathaway: ‘Calm Down’

TV personality Joan Rivers attends the Tie The Knot Spring Collection launch hosted by Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Justin Mikita and at Avenue on February 27, 2013 in New York City.
Joan Rivers. Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Count Joan Rivers as one of the women who can’t stand Anne Hathaway. During a recent appearance on David Letterman, Rivers made a funny face (and sound) at the mention of Hathaway’s name. And then when we ran into the comedian at Avenue last night, for the launch of Tie the Knot’s spring collection, she explained her Hathaway problem thus: “I just think she’s very, very happy to be Anne Hathaway,” she said. “And she has every right to be happy to be Anne Hathaway. But she’s found that niche, and she’s very delighted about it. Just the way she says, ‘I can’t wait to have a delicious plate of vanilla vegan ice cream.’ Am I going to puke right here? You know?” Of the actress’s what-to-wear dilemma, which supposedly took place two hours before the Oscars began, Rivers said [imitating Hathaway], “‘Oh, I couldn’t figure out which dress to pick … ’ Sweetheart, we’ve all been working on our dresses for six years, you know? Calm down.” Rivers did not, however, blame Hathaway for going with the Prada and its infamous nipple darts. “That’s Prada,” she said. “Prada almost killed Sigourney Weaver’s career. Prada hates women. No, not really.”