Justin Timberlake Forgot His Instagram Filter at the Brit Awards

So instead of an old-timey black and white performance, as has been Timberlake’s habit of late, the BRIT Awards audience got a Justin performance in real, Land of Oz color. (Okay, so the red curtain box is the only color that stands out, but still.) The lucky people of the UK also got a taste of “Mirrors” – the radio half, at least – and that song sure can fill an arena, in a Coldplay sort of way. Other quick observations: Justin might want to re-think the mike-stand-drag as a legitimate dance move; M.I.A. might have a few thoughts about this set design; and that horn section kills. Enjoy!

Justin Timberlake Mirror Live Performance BRIT... by dm_512537fa34fee
Justin Timberlake Performs In Color at the BRITS