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Last Night on Late Night: Kate Mara Flashed Kevin Spacey Pasties of His Face

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kate Mara confirmed the implacable “professionalism” of Kevin Spacey during their House of Cards shoot. Just to get the stoic actor to crack a smile, she had worn pasties of Kevin Spacey’s head in a love scene — “But nothing!” And the Barack Obama pasties on her second attempt didn’t cut it either. Plus: Conan completely embarrassed Jennifer Lawrence with an old clip of her role on Monk. Remember that? Probably not, because she played the over-enthusiastic tiger mascot. Also, Justin Bieber displayed some awkward moments during a round of fake basketball, even bringing Jimmy Fallon’s dancing to a halt as he made out with a mannequin’s head — with tongue, too. Plus, Eric Stonestreet is proud of his Elvis impersonation. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Kate Mara Wore Kevin Spacey Pasties