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Yes, the Magic Mike Musical Will Include Audience Lap Dances

(L-r) ADAM RODRIGUEZ as Tito, KEVIN NASH as Tarzan, CHANNING TATUM as Mike, and MATT BOMER as Ken in Warner Bros. Pictures’ dramatic comedy “MAGIC MIKE”
Coming soon to a Broadway theater. Photo: Claudette Barius/Warner Bros.

We have a lot of questions about Magic Mike: The Musical. Will the Broadway version cast any of the original stars? Will Matthew McConaughey’s Oscar-snubbed song “Ladies of Tampa” be part of the show? Oh, and will audience members get lap dances? We got the answer to that last question when we spoke to producer Gregory Jacobs (also the first assistant director on the Magic Mike movie) at the Cinema Society premiere for Side Effects last week. “Oh, you definitely might get a lap dance,” he said. “Absolutely. That’s happening for sure.” Jacobs also let slip that “there’s bound to be a great song about how to pick out a thong,” but couldn’t reveal much more. “It’s coming along, and there will be more about it soon,” he said. Bottom line: Have your dollar bills ready.

The Magic Mike Musical Will Include Lap Dances