Liz Meriwether Explains Which New Girl Character Is Which Friends Character

Photo: NBC, FOX

Whenever there is a show about young, good-looking friends, the Friends comparison is unavoidable. So how does the cast of New Girl correspond? Showrunner Liz Meriwether gave the perfect answer: “I think Nick is going to be the new Rachel, and Jess is going to be the new Ross. Women everywhere are going to be asking their hairstylists for ‘the Nick.’ If we’re keeping score, Schmidt is obviously Monica, and Winston is a sort of a Chandler/Phoebe hybrid, if such a thing can exist. Cece is George Clooney’s character from ER mixed with the neighbor on Home Improvement.” And so it was written. Though the dynamic is a lot more like Seinfeld, where Jess is Jerry, Nick is George, Schmidt and Winston are both half-Elaine/half-Kramer, and Cece is some composite of Puddy and everyone the guys dated.

Meriwether Draws New GirlFriends Cast Parallels