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Last Night on Late Night: Michelle Williams and the Bored Oz Cast Play Games With the Press

Last night on The Late Show, Michelle Williams disclosed a word game that the cast of Oz, The Great and Powerful, play to liven up the autopilot mode of promo tours. Basically, you take a word, say pumpernickel, and include it in your response to a reporter. The toughest challenge for Glinda was “Bigfoot.” “Luckily, somebody asked me if I were a magician, what would my magician name be,” she told David Letterman. “And I saw it, shining in front of me, ‘The Amazing Bigfoot.’” Plus: Working with Adam Levine on SNL reminded Andy Samberg of Magic Mike; Alison Brie could never be a true musician; and Downton Abbey-obsessed Anthony Edwards has been ranked to most convey Daisy the kitchen maid. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Michelle Williams Plays Games on the Press