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Last Night on Late Night: Mindy Kaling Thinks Seth Rogen Mocked Her Choice in Casting Her ‘Hotter’ Kid Version

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mindy Kaling disclosed the hardships that the Mindy Project casting crew had faced trying to find an actress to play a kid version of herself in the February 19 episode that also stars Seth Rogen as her young kissing companion at summer camp. “It’s easy, I think, at least in the L.A. area, to find twelve-year-old guys who look like Seth does now, but it’s very difficult to find little, chubby Indian girls who are twelve,” she said. So, between those the show had plucked out of grocery stores, and two actual actresses, a model ultimately got the role, which led Kaling to believe that Seth was probably thinking, “Okay, how hot did you think you were when you were twelve?” Plus: A mentalist read James Spader’s mind — Seriously, grab a pen and draw something. Anything. Did it match Spader’s artwork?; and Don Cheadle felt the need to redo his Golden Globes speech because he’d been so preoccupied with plotting ways to trip Louis C.K., whom the House of Cards actor had presumed would win, that he’d forgotten to thank the show’s creator. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Mindy Kaling Thinks Seth Rogen Mocked Her