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Last Night on Late Night: Molly Shannon Reprised ‘Superstar!’

Last night on Late Night, Molly Shannon strolled down memory lane with her SNL buddy, Jimmy Fallon, and amidst their nostalgia, she reenacted her signature “Superstar!” move. Plus: Here’s some Valentine’s Day science for you: The largest and smallest penis bones belong to the unlikeliest of mammals. “The more romance you have, the less-sized penis bone you’re required,” explained animal handler Jarod Miller. Of course, human beings are ruled out (not for that reason but) because men don’t have penis bones necessitated by living in the wild. So among the tiger, the raccoon, and the walrus, which do you think is the best endowed (or most jealous)? Also, Julianne Hough puked all over her first kiss; and Rachel Weisz declared her character, Evanora of Oz, The Great and Powerful, a “sociopath.” Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Molly Shannon Reprised ‘Superstar!’